B-1 Bomber/C.A.S.S. Project

In the 1980’s, the development and deployment of the B-1 bomber was considered a national defense priority. Rockwell Aircraft Division was in charge of getting the aircraft and the necessary ground support systems in place to make the plan workable. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) was charged with developing the ground support equipment (GSE) systems, specifically the ground cooling and filtration system that maintained aircraft , avionics, and weapons systems while the aircraft was in the “standby ready” ground mode.



The concept and design of the GSE provided to Tisdale by the ACE was a field erected bulky concept, inadequate for the purpose intended, very costly, and could not be provided in time to meet national defense target dates.

Tisdale Company took the ACE basic concepts, corrected design deficiencies, transferred and utilized our experience from the petro-chemical/offshore industry, and developed new concepts to provide a new product (still used today) that had the following results:

· A factory build/modular GSE system that required minimal field interface

· A system that could be factory performance tested before delivery to the site

· A system that was delivered in 50% less time than a field erected system

· A field footprint that was 25% of the original design by ACE

· A total system that cost 60% of what the field erected system would cost

· A total system that was delivered “on-time” and under-budget

· 30 years later, these systems are still in operation

Tisdale Company has used this innovative approach in many other fields and for other customer projects.  We can help with your problem designs, costover-runs, and urgent deliveries.


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